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“I am glad to report we are all somewhat more relaxed since your visit and so is Roxy, her nipping habit has calmed down considerably and we are beginning to trust each other a little more. Thank you again for your help.”

Una Nardone
“Many thanks for getting back to me with such good advice. I think your observations are very worthy.4 yrs ago I had an accident resulting in a head injury and I have been in bed a lot and very ill. In order to wake me to feed him he used jump on the bed and nip me on the nose or face. He definitely got my attention! He also kept me company by lying on my neck, head and anywhere he could feel a pulse so I suppose he was cuddled and stroked way longer than was appropriate for him. I am fortunately feeling a lot better and am monitoring my behaviour and his.....Many thanks and keep up the good work.”

“Thanks for the information.I worked with Max last night after you left and again all day today.  Already I can see a difference. I have also today dug out a place at the bottom of the garden and filled it with sand. He has already discovered it. I will keep working on what you have told me.”

Angela Balfe
“Ok great thanks. Normally we just slap his bum and put him outside! We'll stop all of that now until we talk thanks. No the previous behaviourist didn't do anything at all really - no paperwork anyway! We were just ignoring him when he did stuff we didn't like and trying to replace the things he took with his own toys but he'll only do that sometimes. Thanks again, I look forward to talking to you in March!”

“Many thanks for your recent visit. And thank you for a most comprehensive report. It will take a little time to digest all the information, but I feel I now have the tools to instigate changes in his behaviour.Thankfully there have been no further episodes of barking in his kennel at night, which I attribute to your advice regarding his diet.”

“You have done some great work with my Brother's dogs Rio and Jake.  Rio - cross Greyhound/German Shepard and Jake - a Black Lab.”

“Thanks for the report. Received it Monday.Jessie's behaviour has really improved”

Anita Deegan
“Thank you for your email re: Lucy (Tibetan Spaniel).  I have had a painter here this week who coincidentally has a Tibetan Spaniel also and he has been most obliging with her and things have certainly improved --- tin and clicker reward system. As you say, it will take time and patience not just on my husbands and my part but on our guests part and they dont always understand the importance of our actions. One guest gave her all the rewards at one go. Surprising, as he is a teacher!  -- and I had explained but perhaps not thoroghly enough. Thank you for your help and if I have any further queries, I will contact you as you suggested. ”

Marianne Irvine
“Thank you for your help with Tiger today. We have just tried the disks and it is working very well - just as you described it. We feel encouraged and motivated to work with Tiger and hope to get good results.”

Jolanta and Peter
“Just thought I would let you know that in the interest of training (!) I ordered in food on Saturday night and the guy remarked that he thought Shaggy was finally getting used to him.  I also had a number of people knock on Sunday and the difference was unbelievable, obviously still barked but not for a long period and not so aggressive.”

“Thanks for the clear concise feedback.  We are endeavouring to implement suggestions re: Sasha, - things going fine so far.”


“Just a quick note to say that things are going very well with Jessie. Himself and Holly are much better - she is very tolerant of him pulling at her neck! Feeding has become much easier and Jessie is prepared to wait for his food rather than attacking it as soon as he sees it. We are slowly making progress with the cats. He is a very affectionate dog who is helping to mend two very broken hearts! Many thanks for all of your advice - it really helped us no end. A very BIG thank you from Jessie!”

Jackie and Eamonn

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