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Canine Behaviour Problems

Canine Behaviour Problems PictureSome behaviours such as inter-dog or dog-human aggression, separated-related barking or destructivenss, noise phobias etc., although benefiting from obedience training require a thorough behaviour modification consultation and assessment.

There are many organic/veterinary causes for changes in behaviour which need to be excluded prior to embarking upon a behaviour modification programme.

Since each dog is genetically different and has had different experential learning, it is important that correct diagnosis of the problem and appropriate behaviour modification techniques are identified. Consultations take approximately two hours and a detailed report is provided. Follow-up lessons may be required.

What works for a friend's dog may not work for your dog and even make the situation worse.

Behaviour problems are often specific to the experiences your dog has undergone. Early experience, socialisation, diet and medical conditions, and training can all contribute to the problem. Therefore a detailed history of the problem is the first step to an accurate diagnosis.

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