The Pet Behaviour Centre
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Canine Training

Dog TrainingAll training is individual with you, your family and your pet. Training normally takes place at the Pet Behaviour Centre and lasts for approximately one hour. In general, you are asked not to feed the animal before training, but to bring suitable food rewards (eg. pieces of meat or chicken) with you as well as the animal's favourite toy.

Puppy Training (Age Group up to 16 weeks)
This involves toilet training, bite inhibition, puppy development, chewing and night cries. Practicals such as 'not jumping up', sit, recall, and an introduction to the lead and walking are also included.

Clicker Training
This type of training uses specific principles to help your pet learn more easily. If you are having difficulty teaching a specific task or a remote behaviour, clicker training can help.

Basic Obedience (Adult Dogs)
This involves varied schedules of reward, positive leadership, canine communication and body language. Practicals such as recall, sit, down and stay are also included.

Each lesson is approximately 1hour 30 minutes in duration. The cost in the Greater Dublin area is €100. An additional travel charge is levied outside this area.

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