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Lucy's Puppy Problems

Lucy’s Puppy Problems

Coming soon, Virgin Media One

Lucy Kennedy will be talking to Jim about COVID dogs.

Irish Professional Dog Groomers Association

Madra Mania 2020

Nov 14, 16:30 – 17:30

Jim will be presenting a webinar on Native breeds and safe handling.



Jim will be answering owners questions on all things “doggy” in an instagram live event.

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Irish Heritage Day 2017

4th International Dog Health Workshop 2019

International Partnership for Dogs workshop speaker and working group leader on Puppy sourcing, supply and commercial breeding held in Windsor, UK.

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Pet Behaviour Public Speaker

International Conference on Dog Welfare Related Education 2018

Speaker on Changing the shape of the dog world: conformation extremes in pedigree dogs for the Lithuanian Kennel Club conference in Vilnius.

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Irish Heritage Day 2017

Heritage Day 2017

The Irish Wolfhound Club, in conjunction with the OPW & The Irish Kennel Club, presented The Native Dog Breeds of Ireland.

Jim introduced the 9 native dog breeds at the Battle of the Boyne Centre followed by behavioural  clinic.

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Our Dogs

St. Patrick’s Day Dog Expo

Promotion of the canine weekly magazine Our Dogs. 

Our Dogs is a canine newspaper founded in 1895 bringing up-to-the-minute news from all around the world of dogs, as well as show reports, breed notes and interesting articles and features each week.

Irish Heritage Day 2017

Pet Expo

Pet Expo is Ireland’s only dedicated consumer Pet Exhibition. It’s a fun family event for all pet lovers.

Jim is a regular each year and has promoted the open event with live interviews and commentary, run behaviour seminars and offers individual advice to members of the public.

Irish Heritage Day 2017

Irish Therapy Dogs

How to train dogs and keep it fun with quizzes and practicals.

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Irish Heritage Day 2017

3rd International Dog Health Workshop, 2017

International Partnership for Dogs workshop delegate and speaker on Behaviour and Welfare held in Paris.

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Lithuania Conference

International Conference on A Dog Loving Society 2015

Speaker presenting on Best Practices, Challenges and Perspectives held in Vilnius Lithuania.

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Irish Heritage Day 2017

Conference on the welfare of cats and dogs in the EU 2013

Delegate from Ireland to the first European Conference on dog and cat welfare held in Brussels.

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