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Pet Behaviour Expert Witness


Jim provides a behaviour consultation and expert witness service for both dog owners and legal professionals.

Jim has over 25 years of expertise in dog and cat behaviour and was the first in Ireland to gain a Masters Degree in Companion Animal Behaviour from the University of Southampton. He has appeared in court on many occasions in neighbour noise disputes, dog bite cases, injury at work and insurance disputes. He is recognised as a composed and knowledgeable expert witness with the highest relevant credentials.

Who needs a dog behaviour expert witness?

  • Legislation has been enacted covering ‘dangerous dogs’ and the responsibilities of the owners.
  • Disputes between dog owners and neighbours concerning barking or disruptive dogs is becoming more common.
  • Issues regarding the safe handling of animals, can result in claims by employees against their employer which can result in litigation.
  • Common problems include noise, dog bites/aggression, issues of safe handling of animals, behavioural assessment of the animal(s) concerned, etc.


    Pet behaviour assessments

    The type of assessment undertaken will vary according to its purpose. In all cases, reports provided following assessment are unbiased and include references to current animal behaviour science and to relevant current legislation.

    In most legal cases the process is as follows:

    1. Initial contact is made by an owner or a solicitor with an outline of information relevant to the case.
    2. The solicitor provides written instructions including evidence related to the case. This may include images, video, medical reports and witness statements.
    3. Jim undertakes a full behaviour assessment of the dog in a suitable location depending on the nature of the case.
    4. A full written report, with references to scientific research, suitable for presentation in court is provided. Additional reporting by video can also be provided if required.
    5. If required Jim can appear in court to give evidence in support of the written report.


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